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Article: Heading is the Quay to Success

HB Tunnelling were approached by the Client/Consulting Engineers to look at the best approach to connect an 450mm foul line from the site to the existing foul sewer located within the new prestigious development South Quay Plaza at Canary Wharf.

Berkeley, South Quay Plaza, Dock CGI 

South Quay Plaza

South Quay slender 68-storey glass and steel tower will bring a new focal point to the London skyline & will be one of the tallest residential buildings in Europe and provide a new reason to live in Canary Wharf, the city's prestigious, modern financial district.


Berkeley, South Quay Plaza, Dock Front CGI
South Quay Plaza

HBT was contacted to provide a trenchless solution to connect the site drainage to the Thames Water sewer, which is located within the centre of Marsh Wall carriageway.


Route of timber heading under DLR & Marsh Wall


After viewing the site constraints which consisted of overhead DLR rail network & the traffic constraints as TW main sewer is located within the main link road to Canary Wharf. HBT were able to offer a timber heading from the site to the existing foul sewer as this offered the least disruption to local businesses, residents & road users.

HBT commenced works with the temporary works design for the shaft & timber heading which also has to take into account the overhead DLR network.

Shaft was completed with 1 week, once the shaft was down into position then works could commence on the timber heading towards the existing foul sewer.

The timber heading was in undertaken in dry clay conditions, which where ideal for the timber heading tunnelling technique.



At 15mtrs into the heading ground water was encountered as planned, pumping was set up at the tunnel face & works continued on to the full distance of 25mtrs

Once the existing main sewer was reached, the connection was undertaken & the new 450mm pipe was connected, works then comprised on the lay & backfilling of the timber heading with dry lean mix concrete surrounding the new 450mm pipe.

For more information please contact Hugh or Andy on - 0845 388 3325.

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