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News: Burst On To The Scene

Andy Fallon said “We have not long added pipe-bursting to our armour, in fact it was never in the company planning. Due to receiving many enquires from clients, we have passed them the details of a leading company within the industry. After several weeks later we receive a call back from the clients saying that the company has not provided quote or not responding, I feel that I am letting down these clients by pointing them in the right direction but they are not getting a service they deserve.

Not one to let an opportunity slip away, after several discussions with the HBT team we said that if we are to undertake this techniques then it has to be undertaken correctly with the right equipment. We decided to step in & purchase not 1, not 2 or 3 but 4 pipe bursting rigs, so we can now fully deal with all situations onsite that the client has.




HBT has purchased The Miniburst pipebursting system which has the portability & quietness which lends itself to pipe replacement in confined areas such as gardens, narrow alleys and some basements.
We have successfully used Miniburst for local authorities, housing associations, insurance companies, utilities companies and the residential market.

HBT was contacted to provide a solution to a collapsed 150mm clay pipe, the issue for the client was the existing 150mm clay pipe was 3mtrs deep at the rear of the property & running underneath the garden wall to the front of the property. The collapse pipe was 7mtrs upstream making directly outside the property. Traditional open cut techniques where not practicable due to the depth of the embankment & the property footings.

Upon a site visit HBT opted to use the pipe-burst system along with the Snap-lok pipe which is manufactured especially for theses type of schemes. Works commenced onsite with the bursting rods being pushed through the existing 150mm line until reached the reception pit. Bursting cone was then attached & pulled through installing the Snap-lok pipe at the same time. Works was completed in 2 days including mobilisation & demobilisation




Client - “Working with Andy & the HBT team has yet again been invaluable, HBT have not been undertaking Pipe bursting for long but they have the knowledge & expertise within the company to deliver & will be force to reckoned with”

For more information please contact 0845 388 3325 to speak to the HBT team

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