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Article: Bursting To Go Back To School

The client contacted HBT to provide a solution to a series of collapsed 100mm pitch fibre drain runs, the issue for the client was the existing 100mm pitch fibre pipe was located within the Oakwood Junior School gardens & playground but also ran directly underneath the classrooms.


A total of 9 lengths required replacing ranging from 10m to 25m. This works could only be undertaken within the school summer holidays to mitigate downtime for the school.

Traditional open cut techniques were not practicable due to the restricted access & disruption to the school as this method could not be completed within the tight program.

Upon a site visit HBT opted to use the mini-burst system along with the Snap-Lok pipe which is manufactured by HBT especially for these types of schemes.




HBT supplied & installed a total of 9 lengths of 125mm OD Snap-Lok pipe within 12 days.

Robert Slack Contracts Manager for GF Tomlinson said; “HBT responded professionally with a succinct solution and delivered on time, on budget.  We would be using HBT in the future on similar projects & they come highly recommended “

Andy Fallon said “Upon undertaking a site visit the only feasible option was to use our mini-burst system which is man-portable and designed for areas of restricted access. It is used in conjunction with HBT Snap-Lok pipe system that can deliver a simple cost solution for the client”

The Mini-burst system which has the portability & quietness which lends itself to pipe replacement in confined areas such as gardens, narrow alleys and some basements. We have successfully used Mini-burst for local authorities, housing associations, insurance companies, utilities companies and the residential market.
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